We create solutions to the world’s complex energy problems.

Our products meet the energy demands of today while unlocking the potential of

sustainable energy future-safely, economically, and efficiently.

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Power Transmission

With our headquarters in Newyork, USA with research labs in Dubai, UAE and manufacturing facilities in Guangzhou, China and partners around the world, Amber & Waseem General Trading LLC is well positioned to offer its innovative products and solutions to both the developed and developing countries’ markets.

We believe that we have a significant contribution to make and look forward to working with others to move the world’s energy infrastructure forward to truly be the grid of the future.

Sustainable Energy Systems

Amber & Waseem General Trading LLC is continuously researching additional innovative products and seeking other business leaders willing to collaborate on projects. Our products take existing technologies in novel directions with groundbreaking results – providing efficient, sustainable energy systems for electricity, transportation, HVAC and much more.

As a global company, we aim to facilitate technology and knowledge transfer opportunities between North and South - and operate at a scale to materially impact the world’s use of energy by creating pivotal innovations that vastly improve existing technologies, and eliminate barriers to mass adoption.


How Supercapacitors Will Change the World ? Using Super capacitor technology in microgrids will solve energy crises in certain parts of the world.

Using Super capacitors in cell towers will offer huge benefits to the companies through its cost-effectiveness, low maintenance fees and fuel savings, especially as they can be cycled up to one million times.

ATM Machines

Using Super capacitor-based UPS BLU in ATM machines will serve as
effective backup when power goes out. With its low charging time, BLU battery-less UPS will give power for a longer time as well as long life.

Super capacitors in factories will be installed through a hybrid solution. The solar panels go through the Super capacitor modules, then produce energy to the machines used in the factory. Excess energy can be stored a cycled multiple times.

Home Solar Systems

Supercapacitors in residential will help save a significant amount of money spent on electricity bills through smart effective management.

Super capacitors on boats will be effective through an off-grid systems. It will help enhance power sources, lower fuel consumption and allow big torque delivery.

Sirius Energy Storage

The world's first supercapacitor-based energy storage system.Kilowatt’s Sirius Energy Storage is now available as a safe, efficient and effective alternative to chemical batteries.

Advantages over chemical batteries

Highly efficient with negligible DC to DC losses during cycling

No capacity or efficiency degradation over projected cycle life

No risk of thermal runaway

Wide operating temperature range of supercap cells

Supercap cell cycle life and capacity unaffected by high rate of charge or discharge

Long cycle life - defers disposal cost and mitigates environmental impact

Centauri Energy Server

The singular solution for power management.A comprehensive, fully integrated, power electronics hardware and software platform that delivers utility grade power from any combination of DC or AC sources including 100% renewable generation and storage.

Advantages over existing systems

Stand-alone, fully integrated, plug-and-play platform

Accepts concurrent input sources (DC and/or AC) with seamless and programmable switching between sources

Accepts high renewable input without oversizing

Independent surge load handling

Plug-and-play connectivity to storage with no additional hardware or software

Integrated data logging, storage, and monitoring

Waseem Ashraf Qureshi, he is an inventor and electronic engineer who researches and develops innovative solutions for tomorrow’s complex problems. One of Pakistan’s youngest National Science Award recipients, Waseem pioneered the Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) revolution in Pakistan in mid-1980’s, then in 1990 he launched a satellite car tracking security system, before following a career in telecommunications and power electronics which gave him the opportunity to carry out research work in many part of the world.

Waseem established in 2009 MiccGreenTec Inc. USA, as a solar and technology development company in Washington DC, USA and has since then focused his efforts on R&D creating a long list of innovative technologic solutions.

Waseem Ashraf Qureshi has won many recognitions for his successful off-grid projects in the UAE and his work has been featured in many newspapers and magazines.